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This is our second year to get a curiosity box for our school. Great fun and learning was had by all! Would highly recommend them

Teacher, Drumphea School

We did every task together, both me and my daughter loved it, learning without a screen. Even my 14 year old got involved in most the tasks. Kept the whole family busy for few hours

Our Curiosity Boxes have been a God send in lockdown: one of the few things that my very anxious eight year old will happily engage with

Credit to him. He’s still using the potion as lava in dinosaur land. That’s over an hour of interest in something!

It is amazing for them to have the opportunity to do practical activities without the pressure on parents to buy resources and equipment

Deputy Headteacher

We are both in the police force so keeping the kids learning and entertained has been very hard. Our Curiosity Box has been keeping them entertained for weeks!

Many carers, siblings, and foster family members joined in; it was engaging for the young people and offered great bonding time.

I think I might be a scientist when I grow up

For our Virtual School team, the boxes were so easy as they are all complete. It was nice to do something a bit different

Some of the children found the activities daunting at first, but with some encouragement they were able to complete the experiments.

It was exciting for the children to receive these boxes, and several shared what they had done with their teachers.

We really enjoyed doing them with the kids, even Daddy got involved and he loved it too.

This helped them gain confidence and belief in themselves

One child brought his experiment into school to show to his TA

It was fun learning together what wasn’t to do with a pc

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What teachers say...

Head Teacher

“I am astounded by the quality of the box contents, it's a ready made science lesson, saving my teachers a huge amount of time. I can see these boxes being really helpful for teachers who are not as confident at teaching science.”

Science Lead

"I was grateful for the Fully Charged Box. It actually made me feel like a proper teacher again. I had a great science time - and it just makes you realise how great teaching can be."