Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common queries we’ve had from our curious community. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact us and we’ll get right on it!

All our STEM Day in a Box kits link to KS2 (England) and P6-7 (Scotland) curriculum.

Staying Afloat, Cool Catapults, Exciting Energy and Super Strength are also mapped onto upper KS1/P4-5

Fully Charged, Electric Artwork and Chromatography work well for transition into KS3/S1-2

STEM is simply an acronym and stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. You might also come across STEAM which is just Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths

We make every STEM Day in a Box kit by hand in Oxfordshire, and we ship by courier on an overnight – 48 hours service. With these things in mind we will normally have your Box in your hands within 10 working days.

If you’re concerned that you’re missing a box, we’ll be happy to investigate but before we send out our sciency sleuths, it’s worth checking you haven’t missed a card from the Postman saying they tried to deliver it. Please also have a quick look on your account and check that we’ve got your correct delivery address, and that it hasn’t been sent somewhere else.

If none of these apply, and you think your box is lost please contact us on or ring on 01865 546145, and we’ll help you track it down.

Yes you can. When you subscribe, you can add a delivery address that’s different your billing address. If you decide you want to change the address after signed up, just log in to your account and update your delivery address.

Each STEM Day in a Box kit is designed for a class of 30 students

All of our activities are with your child’s safety at the top of our list of must-haves. We don’t let anything out of CBHQ without making sure it’s fully compliant with the latest Health and Safety legislation. Your Teacher Hero Book highlights any potential risks and sticking points so that you are fully prepared before your start your STEM day!

Science and sustainability go hand-in-hand at the Curiosity Box, and as scientists, we want to make this world a better place, not one littered with junk. So we have a simple but strict policy:

  • All our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, including our “plastic” packaging bags which are made from corn starch.
  • Our lab coats are manufactured using responsibly sourced materials by properly employed staff.
  • Wherever possible we source our supplies as locally as possible.
  • The contents of the box are all sourced with the environment in mind. We use compostable cups and straws, eco cotton buds, eco glitter and reusable containers wherever possible.
  • We challenge our Curiosity Community to find creative ways to use their box when they’re done with the activities!

We include all the specialist equipment and for the most part, all the other bits and bobs you need. But there are a few things that we can’t include because we aren’t allowed to ship them, they’re too large/fragile (like a lemon!).

Our experiments and activities are designed to be proper engineering and science challenges so a bit of trial and error and tinkering is often the best part of the activities! We provide our Engineer’s Design Cycle and lots of trouble shooting tips throughout the Teacher Hero Book and the instructions but if you really get stuck just drop us an email or call us 01865 546145 and we’ll help you.

Don’t worry, we’re totally prepared. Let us know by emailing us at or by calling us on 01865 546145. We’ll log it, and send you a replacement straight away. We also recommend that you dispose of the box safely. We never include anything in our boxes that’s highly hazardous but, we like to play it safe so if your box is leaking, please wear some safety or rubber gloves before handling the contents. All the packaging is either recyclable (instruction cards and box) or compostable (the little bags that we use the package each activity up).

Don’t worry, Just drop us an email at: or call us 01865 546145, and we’ll sort it out.

We ship anywhere in Europe. We can ship to countries outside Europe, but we would need you to contact our Head of Happiness Claire first, as COVID is still disrupting international shipping and we would need to get a price for this on a case by case basis.

Our data protection policy is here and if you need any further information, just email us at:

No problem, just get in touch! The easiest way to get hold of us is by emailing us at, but if you prefer to speak to us, you can call on 01865 546145. Or you can leave us a message on any of our social media pages.