It’s Electrifying!!

The future of electricity

It’s Electrifying!!

Can you imagine a world without electricity? We rely so much on it! It is there for us, literally at the flick of a switch. But where does it come from now and where will it come from in the future? We are in a time of dramatic change; in a rush to switch from fossil fuels and all the harm they do to our planet to clean, green renewable energy. There are lots of questions we need to answer and it’s young people like you who will dream up and invent the solutions we need. Exciting right!? Well, there’s plenty you can do to get ready to save the world, starting by taking a look at how we do things now…

Northern Power Grid has a comic book style kids section. It explores how electricity reaches your home and how to stay safe around it. We at CB HQ aren’t delighted about the gender stereotyping but if you can get past that then the stories are quite fun.

National Grid has some great content to help understand electricity a little better! There are downloadable experiments, videos and games. We particularly like this game!


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