Your Curious Christmas Star Decoration

curious christmas maths engineering make a science star decoration

Create a curious Christmas star decoration! A lovely, crafty activity for all ages, that sneaks a dash of maths & engineering into the festivities. You may have gotten lucky and received a hard copy of our star make in the post, but if not, never fear! You can download as many star maker sheets from here as you like!

Download printable star decoration

Why not try printing them in different sizes? You could stick the template onto different texured materials or get some eco-glitter out and make it sparkly!

Download 4 inch star template

Download 6 inch star template

If you get stuck with your curious Christmas star decoration, don’t worry! Our wonderful Taz and Becky have made a “how to” video below to help you!


and remember, you can use our shop local code OXMAS21 to get 10% off all our boxes and subscriptions this Christmas! We are proud that we make all our Boxes here in the UK. We employ local people and work with local busineses to minimise our impact on the planet.

For more fun Christmassy science, you can try:Kids using Bake off science box





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