Andy Benson

Education Officer

Andy Benson

Andy Benson playing volleyballI did a lot of different things before I found my dream job in conservation. I studied to be an engineer at school and university and then had the chance to become a professional volleyball player, which took me to countries all over Europe.

When I finished playing volleyball I decided to go back to University to study to do something that I was really passionate about. I studied for a Masters in Environmental Management and then became a geography teacher. I loved teaching young people about the world around them but knew that being inside a classroom all day was not for me.

When the opportunity came up to combine a job in conservation, with teaching young people about the things that I love, I jumped at the chance. My current job as Education Officer for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust allows me to spend lots of time outside and learn loads about the natural world. I then visit schools to share everything I’ve learned about bumblebees and our environment with thousands of kids just like you!

Andy Benson talking about bees

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Andy is our Bees box champion.

I love being a scientist because...

Every day is different and I truly believe that what I am doing is important!

The most awesome thing I have done so far is...

Teach my young son to love nature. Aubrey is not even 2 yet but he already loves bees!

My heroes are...

I am so inspired by people who share their passion for wildlife and conservation and there is nobody better at this than David Attenborough. His ability to engage people of all ages with the natural world is truly inspirational.

Advice I would give my 7 year old self...

Don’t worry if the things you love doing are different to what everyone is doing, be yourself.

At primary school my favourite thing to do was...

Draw. I loved to draw the animals from my books, sometimes I would trace them and pretend I had drawn them myself….shhh!

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