Dr Sarah Bearchell

Science Writer and Presenter

Sarah Bearchell

One day I might be making clouds from dry ice for thousands of children and the next day I could be sitting at my laptop, writing about a building which can fry eggs (no, honestly! Check out 20 Fenchurch Street in London). I work for lots of different companies but one of my favourites is The Curiosity Box! I love to imagine the delight on children’s faces as they open the box and discover what they will be investigating this time.

Sarah Bearchell demonstrating science

Being a freelance science writer and presenter means my job is never boring (except when the tax return is due!). I get to meet lots of interesting people in schools and at science festivals; lots of whom ask the most random science questions! Despite working for myself, I’m also part of a big community of like-minded people, who share their ideas and enthusiasm, so there is always someone to brainstorm with.

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I love being a scientist because...

I get to do new things all the time!

The most awesome thing I have done so far is...

Doing science experiments with thousands of different families at science festivals

My heroes are...

I don’t really have ONE! I find lots of people inspirational.

Advice I would give my 7 year old self...

Follow your interests!

At primary school my favourite thing to do was...

Topic Work

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