Heavy metal marine biologist


As the world’s ONLY heavy metal marine biologist, I try super hard to get people interested in animals which might be small, scary or ugly. It can be really hard to get people to care about something they can’t stroke or might be afraid of, but all creatures on Planet Earth need to be respected.

I like to get people excited about all these animals by telling them incredible facts and awesome stories, like the hagfish, which can fire snot 3 meters (you try and do that!!!) or the dogwhelk, that can chew into shells with its tongue which is like a chainsaw (ouch….).

My passion has always been the seas, and this is where the most life on Earth is found.

The oceans also make our weather and give us warm summers and mild winters. If we look after the oceans and all the creatures that live there, we will have a very happy planet! Not just for the fish, squid and sharks, but for us too!

Blowfish is our Seaside Science box champion.

I love being a scientist because...


The most awesome thing I have done so far is...

Dive with Manta Rays!

My heroes are...

My dad.

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