Elle Lorelle Mcintosh-Richards

Scientist and founder of Twipes

Elle Lorelle Mcintosh-Richards

I started with a passion for science from a young age and continued right throughout my adult life. My own personal interest in the environment started from working in industries that have a strong eco message. I have now started my own company creating Twipes, eco-friendly wet wipes that break down in 3 hours! However, this wasn’t my first business, I had my first business aged 9 when I sold lemonade whilst on holiday in Jamaica! My grandad had a lemon tree and I used my business savvy to make it into a business opportunity (you’re never too young to start!)

Elle Lorelle Macintosh-Richards at an event

Our current company Twipes, work by preventing the blockages that traditional wet wipes cause, this is because the current “flushable” wipes do not break down at all. They cause sewer blockages, wash up on beaches and are a menace to the water systems. I am an eco warrior through and through, with a passion for gardening and finding new and creative ways to recycle plastics to create useful objects. I spend my free time planting new vegetables and reading books about business, science and mindfulness.

Elle Lorelle is our Amazing Earth Box box champion.

I love being a scientist because...

I’m actually helping the planet by creating and people using my product, every day I go to work, I know I’m making a difference.

The most awesome thing I have done so far is...

Spending a day talking to year 7s about the environment running a competition on who can make innovative products from recycled materials. When I heard “Miss, I want to be a scientist like you, one day.” I realised I was on the right track!

My heroes are...

Besides my mum, who is easily one of the most inspiring people to me, I would have to say, I aspire to be like someone like Michelle Obama, in both grace, style and inspiration.

Advice I would give my 7 year old self...

Keep asking questions, no matter how annoying people may think you’re being! Keep talking and keep being inquisitive.

At primary school my favourite thing to do was...

Make dance routines and theatre plays with my friends.

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