Project PotterBot

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The PotterBot Box fuses DT and engineering with concepts around The Royal Society learning machines school resources. Get your students using the Engineers Design Cycle and be inspired by diverse STEM role models. The Complete Kit includes:

  • 1 PotterBot STEM Day in a Box kit for use with a class of 30
  • 1 Teacher pack that includes: a comprehensive set of instructions, learning objectives, quiz, copiable certificate and test activity packs
  • Digital resource pack including: Instruction slides, quiz, videos exploring learning machines and engineering
  • 30 STEM career aspirations fortune tellers for each child to take home

Subject areas: engineering/DT, physics

STEM Curriculum areas: Working scientifically, properties and changes of materials, electricity, design and technology, DT – technical knowledge and forces.

Project Potterbot Science Box
Project PotterBot
£36.00£119.95 inc. VAT Select options