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Jedda lives in the outback in Australia, 500 miles from the nearest town. It can get really lonely out there and Jedda’s best friend Coen lives on a farm about 15 miles away. She needs to build a car that doesn’t need fuel and is really cheap to make, can you help her test her prototype?

This kit contains:

  • 15 Eco-racer kits
  • 1 pack of extra supplies and tape measure
  • 1 Teacher Hero kit with instructions and a simple explanation of the science, extension ideas, learning objective checklist, copiable certificate, homework ideas and timing guide all in a lovely ethical cloth bag
  • Prizes and 30 STEM career aspirations fortune tellers
  • Scroll down for your unboxing and STEM day introduction videos.

Subject areas: Engineering, Physics, Design and Technology

Curriculum areas: Working scientifically, properties and changes of materials and forces, DT – technical knowledge

Zoomy-racer-sciences box for kids
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