Amazing Earth

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Our planet is amazing and there’s so much we can do to learn how to look after it. Children are keen to save the planet and this box is a great way to explore the science behind the complex global challenge of climate change. The Amazing Earth Box includes:

???? The Greenhouse Effect Jumbo/Tots/Nano: What is it and how does it work?

???? Amazing Anemometer Jumbo/Windy Wheels Tots/Nano: Sustainable energy is what we all need!

???? Acidic Oceans Jumbo/Tots: Looks at how CO2 is impacting our oceans.

???? Biodegradable packaging Jumbo/Tots: Test the degradability of some common materials.

⚛️ PLUS a collectable CO2 Molymod! *Jumbo only*

Amazing Earth Science box for children (jumbo)
Amazing Earth
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