Potent Potions

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This is a bit of a messy one and is for all those curious kids who love mixing things together then seeing what happens – which is most! This box contains 4 activities that bubble, heat up, foam, ooze, and change colour.

Our Potent Potions box contains:

⛲ Fizzing Fountains – test chemical reactions to discover which mixture makes the best fizzing fountain.

???? Colour Changing Potion – craft a potion that’s the envy of any witch or wizard!

???? Erupting Slime (Jumbo/Tots only) – mix chemicals to make a foaming slime.

???? Big Bubbles (Jumbo/Tots only) – make the best bubble mixture ever and engineer a bubble blower for enormous bubbles!

Family with potent potions science box
Potent Potions
£12.95£22.95 inc. VAT Select options