Clever Cells

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In our Clever Cells box we have given you everything you need to explore the weird and wonderful building blocks of life, cells! Our Clever Cells box includes:

  • DNA Extraction – Ever wondered how you can see your own DNA – well we tell you how with this activity!
  • Cell on a Slide – using air putty create a giant microscope slide of a super colourful cheek cell
  • A rather cool folding microscope from Foldscope (Jumbo only) which you’ll use to become a Cytologist (Cell Biologist) comparing plant and animal cells!
  • Super Cells Jumbo only – use your enclosed Foldscope kit to extract and compare plant and human DNA
  • Jumbo only Make DNA Origami to better understand the structure of this amazing molecules
Cells Jumbo Box
Clever Cells
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