Healthy Me

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Do your kids love learning all about bodily functions? Are they fascinated by poo and wee? Our Healthy Me box has 4 exciting experiments and activities perfectly tailored to help you find out more about what’s going on inside your body! The Healthy Me Box includes

???? Wee Detective! – work out which patient has the most sugar in their urine.

???? Edible Poo- create a range of (really!) realistic edible poo to gross out the grown ups.
❤️ Pulse Visualiser (Jumbo/Tots only) – see how fast your heart beats after some groovy dancing and pumping exercise.
???? The Hand of Greatness (Jumbo only) – create a giant hand that can move and litter pick

???? Inside me (Tots only): Create a life-size model of your body and it’s organs. Pretend to be a surgeon and conduct an “operation”

Healthy Me Jumbo Science box for kids
Healthy Me
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