Think & Tinker

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Are your kids curious about how things work? Do they like to take things apart to try and figure it out? If the answer is “yes” then this is a perfect box for your budding engineer. Great engineers will tell you that things are rarely perfect the first time and this box is all about planning, doing and reviewing and doing again!

Our Think and Tinker box contains:

  • A rubber band racing car kit – build-it then optimise its performance.
  • Cool Catapults – build a variety of different types of catapults then see which one shoots the furthest.
  • A go-slow marble run (Jumbo only) – see how slow you can make the marble go and time it with your collectable digital timer.
  • Well, well, well (Jumbo only) – Create a pulley system for a well and see how fast you can scoop all the water.
Kid using Think and Tinker Science Box
Think & Tinker
£12.95£22.95 inc. VAT Select options