Magnificent Magnets

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Magnets truly are magnificent and this box will show you how diverse they are and how many ways they can be used! Activities include:

  • Money trap – make your very own coin sorter to make sure you get the high value coins in your money box.
  • Make a magnet (Jumbo/Nano only) – learn how magnets are made and have a go yourself.
  • Make a compass (Jumbo/Nano only) – Detect the Earth’s magnetic field
  • Magnetic Slime (Jumbo/Tots only) – Mix up magnetic slime, use your magnetic wand and watch it move!
  • Hilarious Hairdos (Jumbo/Tots only) – create a wild and crazy hairdo using a magnet.
  • Magnetic Masterpiece (Tots only) – use your magnets to paint a picture fit for the National Gallery!
Magnificent Magnets
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